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EBC² Executive Business Consulting in Health Care



EBC² Executive Business Consulting in Health Care

Executive Business Consulting in Health Care

Thanks to our business background in various domains within the health industry, we guarantee a targeted and pragmatic approach that is characterized by:

• Thorough analysis of the situation and the intended objective
• Methodology with clear objectives and partial objectives
• Systematic approach based on the LEAN principles
• Frequent feedback and consultation moments
• Great flexibility and availability



What we can offer you:

• Market Access & Pricing:

A price or a reimbursement file in prospect? Call us! We like to think out of the box. Market Access & Pricing are an integral part of our marketing strategy. Our roots lie in the business and we are therefore convinced of the added value of involving all actors in the process in a timely manner when preparing a launch of a product, from the study phase to the marketing plan. Because this is not self-evident in many companies, we as a partner like to think along with you to make the final market introduction as successful as possible.

Market Access as part of the Marketing Strategy is what EBC² stands for. We build the bridge between science and business and help you fine-tune and roll out your commercial strategy. Providing access to a new medicine or medical device to the widest possible patient population by means of a “value based” file is paramount. Where necessary, we also collaborate within our network with leading international experts from the academic world.

• Governmental Affairs:

Our strength lies in listening to all involved stakeholders. We do not shy away from constructive discussions and seek alignment between external and internal stakeholders to support business success.

• Road to Market & Strategic Marketing:

From giving advice on your strategy to developing and executing the process from A to Z. As a team we have experience in the commercialization of both prescription and OTC medication, biologicals, medical devices and para-pharmaceutical specialties, within pharmacies, hospitals, medical distributors and retail. This allows us to understand and combine the market dynamics and approaches from these different target groups.

• Process Optimization by Lean & Six Sigma:

Process optimization and efficiency exercises for Health Care companies, hospitals and care institutions with a clear goal: better efficiency in the processes, more enthusiasm and greater customer satisfaction.

• Interim Management:

Depending on the duration of the project, we can also fulfil the above roles or combinations in an interim management setting.

• Organizational Change Management:

The Healthcare environment is in full development and companies must constantly adapt. The Covid-19 crisis will only accelerate this process. We guide you and your organization through the various steps within the intended change process. We support your management by using our expertise in executive coaching.