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EBC² Jan Timmerman Business Coach

Who we are

Jan Timmerman

Jan has a Bachelor degree in Pediatric Nursing and has built an exciting international career in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. His expertise lies mainly in the domains of Sales, Strategic Marketing and General Management.

Over the years, Jan has held various senior management positions in international companies such as Novartis, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Mölnlycke Health Care. Before starting his career as a consultant, Jan was during 4 years the General Manager of the Mölnlycke Benelux organization.

As a senior consultant Jan offers strategic support to companies and organizations active in Health Care in the field of market introduction, strategic marketing, sales organization and mergers & acquisition.

Throughout his various responsibilities in business, working with people, striving for a common goal and achieving optimal results have always been his main drivers. During the past 25 years, Jan has gained extensive experience in leading small and large teams in Benelux and abroad.

And then the horses… Jan has been a passionate horse lover from childhood. Horses have become part of his world of life and experience at a young age. Not only as a rider and breeder, but later also as a driver. By training and working with horses, in particular in the driving sport, Jan saw more and more parallels between the dynamics in the training processes of a team of cooperating horses and the coaching of a team of employees in the corporate world.

It is therefore the combination of these different passions, namely working with people, constantly striving to achieve optimal results with the team and the training of horses that led Jan to develop the TEAMS concept. TEAMS stands for “Transformational Equine Assisted Management Skills” and is a unique experiential method that is used in leadership training and coaching, for both individuals and groups. Leadership training for junior to senior managers, teams and business leaders is therefore a second specialty of Jan.

Jan is married to Elfriede and the father of 3 children. Together they founded their company EBC² BV in 2019 from their shared passion for the Health Care sector, coaching people and working with horses.




EBC² Elfriede Berger Business Coach

Elfriede Berger

After her studies as a Master in Industrial Sciences-Chemistry, Elfriede started working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry where she built a successful career in Sales and Marketing within various companies such as Novartis, Abbott, Abbvie and Johnson & Johnson. During her career, Elfriede followed several additional training courses in marketing and obtained a black belt in Lean and Six Sigma.

Over the years, Elfriede has specialized in the domain of Market Access and Governmental Affairs within the Benelux region. Making new therapeutic solutions accessible to the market for patients and healthcare professionals is therefore a daily challenge within our organization.

Human contact is a common theme throughout her career. Collaborating in a multidisciplinary context and coaching colleagues has always been an important motivator for Elfriede.

And then the horses… Horses crossed the path of life for Elfriede at a young age. Already in her teens they had stolen her heart and she spent her free time on horseback and with horses. This passion has only grown over the years. The daily handling and training of horses together with her partner Jan have aroused the interest of Elfriede to get more out of the relationship with the horses. Helping people to become stronger in (business) life and to overcome certain obstacles became a new challenge and the incentive to successfully obtain the postgraduate degree “Equicoaching”.

Coaching on an individual level around certain objectives of both private and professional nature are therefore a second specialty of Elfriede. Elfriede also supports the leadership training and coaching within the TEAMS concept.

Elfriede is married to Jan, mother and plus mother of 3 children. Together they founded their company EBC² BV in 2019 from their shared passion for the Health Care sector, coaching people and working with horses.

What we do


Executive Business Consulting

An external view observes so much more ...

As Executive Consultants within Health Care, we bundle our expertise in the broad domain of Market Access and Market Strategy & Commercialization. Thanks to our experience in various multinationals within the Pharmaceutical, BioTech and MedTech industry, we can support your business with a broad view on your project.

Our approach is characterized by a quick and thorough introduction to a file, the systematic work towards the desired end-result by using partial objectives in consultation with the customer in an agile way and frequent feedback sessions in order to achieve optimal cooperation with the customer.

We are specialized in:
• Market Access & Pricing
• Governmental Affairs
• Road to Market & Strategic Marketing
• Process Optimization: Lean & Sig Sigma
• Organizational Change Management
• Interim Management

Our customers are therefore active in various domains of healthcare: Pharma and Medtech, Distributors, FMCG, Hospitals, Healthcare institutions and individual healthcare providers.

We also work closely with other consultants, all of whom are experts in their field, which means that we can also offer support beyond our own areas of expertise.


Equine Business Coaching

Not just any executive coaching ...

Our objective is clear: we want to offer pragmatic coaching to everyone who provides leadership, at whatever level, from manager to CEO.

We do this by combining the knowledge we have gained over the years in both business and equestrian sports. The experiences gained in senior management positions in various multinationals give us both the insight and the maturity to empathize with the challenges you may face as a manager and supervisor.

What makes our coaching concept unique, is that we do not only use the horse for its talent as a co-coach, but also draw many parallels from our experience of actively working with horses in the driving sport: the TEAMS concept (Transformational Equine Assisted Management Skills ). With TEAMS we approach leadership in an enlightening way and we work solution-oriented with your individual challenges as a guideline. This approach not only gives you honest and transparent feedback, but we also convert it together into powerful anchor points to get started with.

We do not only involve the horses in our sessions as co-coaches, we also let them literally take you along in the coaching process by inserting sessions on the carriage, away from the daily stress.

In addition to individual coaching programs, we also offer group sessions and team buildings tailored to the specific challenges within your organization. We are happy to sit around the table to see how we can support you and your organization in the best way.